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About the ERS National Conference

The 2021 ERS National Conference is a highly engaging virtual event that allows for live interaction with the authors of the Environment Rating Scales (ERS), colleagues, and friends. We are honored to have such a diverse group of practitioners from across the country and the world dedicating these next few days, collaborating and learning together, to strengthen the quality of early care and education.

Whether you are a long-time user of the ERS or just starting out, we have designed this virtual conference to build community for all users for all users of the ERS. Together, we will roll up our sleeves and think deeply about a variety of topics related to the ERS and quality improvement programs serving young children and families. Together we will also network and play as we explore the virtual environment.


  • Feb 2015

    The First ERS National Conference

    The First ERS National Conference

    Dallas, TX

  • Dec 2006

    Community Kitchen Launch

    From the day we opened up our Queen street doors, we\’ve always wanted to reach out to the community around us. After saving and government funding, we opened up our food kitchen during one of the coldest months of the year.

  • Mar 2009

    Cambodian Orphanage

    Another goal of our members and leaders was to provide a safe and secure home for the ones who need it most. Open to all children 18 and younger since 2009, our Cambodian home has been full of love and hope.

  • Apr 2014

    Inner City Social Works

    We want to help anyone in need, not just those under the roof of our church. Our latest initiative is to reach those in Toronto, forgotten or diminished by the harshness of life in a big city.